Simple Ways to Guarantee Peace of Mind in Business

Dear Friend,

There are some wonderful compensations when you are in business for yourself … You can:

Make something you love to do your life's work
Write your own paycheck
Work when you want to
Take all the vacations you want
Leverage your ideas and skills though others
Get tax breaks others can't and
Finally … sell the place and live happily ever after

Being in business for yourself really does have its benefits … and these are just a few. Done right, few ways of earning a living can compare with the control, rewards and income potential of business.

What's more, you can do it by yourself and you don't have someone looking over your shoulder everyday telling you what to do…OK, except for the government but really that isn't so bad, compared to the alternative.

Still, if you're like many small business owners I've come across in the last 20 years, you likely have some real nagging doubts about the future. Serious concerns about your livelihood that could end it all. Sometimes, you might even lose sleep over these troubling thoughts.

I mean, you never know do you, and any one of these could pull the plug on your years of work and investment…a lifetime of satisfaction and success could evaporate in a second. Your family could loose it all even after all of your risk and hard work.

All it would take is …

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